Top 5 Best Hospitals in Chennai for treatment.

Top 5 Best Hospitals in Chennai for treatment-

Chennai is home to world-class hospitals and healthcare facilities that have earned global acclaim for their advanced medical technology, skilled medical professionals, and comprehensive treatment options. These renowned institutions attract patients from across the country and around the world.

These hospitals have great quality infrastructure that helps people feel better. They have special doctors that can help with anything that needs to be done.

1. Apollo Hospitals

Apollo Hospitals Greams Road, Chennai is a flagship hospital of the well-known Apollo Multinational Healthcare group. This renowned medical centre was established in 1983 and has 60 departments organized by Internationally Trained Doctors with American Treatment protocols.

The hospital performs a large number of Cardiac Valve Replacement surgeries each year. They are one of the few centers in India that use robot-assisted CABG surgery, a minimally invasive technique that uses tiny, smaller keyhole incisions and specific robotic instruments to carry out the procedure.

The hospital is also a leader in Total Hip Replacement B/L (bilateral) surgery. It offers the latest technology that makes this surgery less invasive. Ms. Lilian from Kenya traveled all the way to this hospital for her surgery and was completely satisfied with the care she received.

2. Sri Ramachandra Medical Centre

SRMC is located in Porur, Chennai and is a top-rated hospital for cardiovascular diseases and cardiac surgery. It also specializes in hepatology and gastroenterology.

Moreover, the hospital offers specialized cancer care, including medical oncology and radiation oncology. Additionally, SRMC has a comprehensive neurology department that provides treatment for a wide range of conditions.

Founded as a teaching hospital of Sri Ramachandra Medical College and Research Institute (Deemed to be University) in 1985, by Late NPV Ramaswamy Udayar with the intention of translating its experience and expertise in imparting medical education into tangible and affordable healthcare for the community, it is today a leader in health-care delivery in South India offering cutting edge state-of-the-art look after patients who walk through its portals daily. The hospital is situated during a sprawling 175-acre campus that stays lush green throughout the year.

3. MGM Healthcare

The top multispecialty hospitals in Chennai offer high-quality medical care that is on par with international standards. They also invest in collaborative research projects and use the latest medical technology. Moreover, they have experienced doctors and friendly patient care.

Chennai’s top multi-specialty hospitals are known for their advanced infrastructure, experienced doctors, and cutting-edge technology. These hospitals are the preferred choice of patients from around the world for their exceptional healthcare services.

MGM Healthcare is a state-of-the-art quaternary hospital with 12 Centres of Excellence in the fields of Cardiac Sciences, Surgery and Orthopaedics, Gastroenterology, Neurosciences, Nephrology, and Emergency Medicine. Its team of doctors and staff are well-versed in the latest medical practices and provide individualized care to each patient. This top multi-specialty hospital in Chennai is the best place to get treatment for serious health conditions.

4. Kauvery Hospitals

Kauvery Hospitals offers comprehensive medical care to patients with various health ailments and conditions. Their cardiology department specializes in treating heart diseases, including coronary artery disease and arrhythmias. Their neurology department provides treatment for various neurological disorders, including stroke and epilepsy. They also offer comprehensive musculoskeletal care, including orthopedic surgery and spine surgeries.

With its patient-centric approach and world-class facilities, Kauvery Hospitals has earned a reputation for excellence in healthcare services. Its central location makes it easy for residents of Chennai to access its healthcare facilities.

For those who struggle with high-cost medical treatments, Kauvery Hospitals can help. Their Ketto crowdfunding platform allows individuals to create fundraising campaigns for their loved ones’ medical expenses. It is a great way to overcome financial hurdles when facing expensive and life-changing medical procedures.

5. MIOT International Hospital

MIOT International Hospital is a world-class hospital that offers multi-specialty care and a wide range of treatments. The facility is renowned for its innovative technology and patient-centric approach. It also boasts a team of doctors who are experts in their field. In addition, the hospital provides a variety of healthcare services for both international and domestic patients.

The hospital has 1000 beds and provides quaternary care in 63 specialties. Its state-of-the-art facilities and world-class doctors help patients achieve a healthy life. The facility is also accredited by NABH and adheres to strict standards of safety.

MIOT also invests in research and innovation to stay at the forefront of medical advancements. Its strategic location in Chennai further enhances its reputation as a premier healthcare institution.


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